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How can we grow cantaloupe and watermelon to have them ready to eat in mid or late July? We have lots of trouble with squash bugs. How do we get rid of them.


Cass County IA over 3 years ago

Buck Roses

Were can I order Buck Roses? At on time your site had a long list of venders. I have ordered from Hortico and Heirloom in the past. This year they don't seem to have what I want.


Cass County IA almost 4 years ago

Cass County Fair 2016

When is it?


Cass County IA over 4 years ago

Wild Black Raspberry

Hi. I have a 20 acre CRP that was recently burned to control weeds and volunteer cedar trees. The acreage has about 6 patches of wild black raspberry bushes that have been very productive. Unfortunately the bushes were within the fire perimeter, but don't appear to be badly burned. My question is, will they grow back on their own, or should I mow them to regenerate? Thanks.


Cass County IA over 1 year ago

bleeding heart

I planted a bleeding heart this year and wondered how long it takes to maturity. I planted it from root and don't see any growth yet. Should I have started from a plant instead.


Cass County IA over 5 years ago

Start cornbread stuffing early?

I want to cook the onion and celery for the Thanksgiving turkey early. Can they be cooked together and stored until Thursday if I do them today?


Cass County IA food safety about 6 years ago

Peach trees

I've read that peach trees should be fertilized 3-4 times a year. What would these times be for SW IA? Also, what would the formula be? Would 10-10-10 work? Joy Smith, Cass County Maste Gardener, Class of 1999


Cass County IA almost 6 years ago

Onion Seed Planting Depth

I have Milton planter with 1-1/2" depth bands that reportedly was used for onion seed. Many onion seed sources suggest 1/4"-3/4" planting depth. I read message 1808 and it suggests 1".
The quick question, should I feel confident the Milton planter with 1-1/2" depth bands will do the job in west central Iowa?
Thanks for the information in Message 1808.


Cass County IA fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 7 years ago

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