Calhoun County, Iowa

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Grants for Farm Project

Our farm has broken tiles that have flooded parts of our corn/soybean planted areas. The tile line serves as a drainage line from the neighbor's farm. We are looking for financing options for completing these tiling projects. Do you know of any grants or financing programs through the USDA, the State of Iowa, or other entities that would help us finance these projects?


Calhoun County Iowa over 4 years ago


Is it safe to eat rhubarb after it has been snowed on is that fact or fiction


Calhoun County Iowa about 7 years ago


what kind of bugs are these, and do they pose any danger to pets or people?



Calhoun County Iowa almost 4 years ago


What is the best way to tell the age of a ash tree in iowa


Calhoun County Iowa over 2 years ago

Land values

The Dakota pipeline is going through my land in Calhoun county. They have made me a per acre offer. Can you tell me what property values per acre are currently going for in the county. Thank you / Mark Davidson


Calhoun County Iowa over 5 years ago

How smart are my squirrels?

Between deer & squirrels, I have a terrible time with flowers , garden, trees--you name it. I've been picking up walnuts, lately, and instead of husking them by hand, this year, I'm dumping them in the driveway to be driven over. The squirrels are taking some, but are the ones they leave no good? Can they tell without cracking them open if the nutmeat is good to eat? I want to crack & pick some to use. Thanks


Calhoun County Iowa 10 months ago

no pears

have 2 pear trees 20 years old appr. have been ful every year for las 10- 15 this year no blossums,also corn pop and sweet not getting but small amount to grow. any ideas?


Calhoun County Iowa about 6 years ago

Algae growth in water sprayer

I USE A small pull behind my lawn mower to water plants. Algae grows and plugs my suction intake. Is there something I can add to the water that will kill the algae and not harm the plants? Thank you


Calhoun County Iowa almost 5 years ago

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