Butler County, Iowa

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Lawn care

We built a new home in Parkersburg after recovery from the 2008 tornado. We decided to seed our lawn rather than sod. Last year we had a problem with grubs which has made the grass be in clumps and very rough. We hope there is something that can be done rather than starting over and would very much like to have someone come and discuss our options. Is that possible? Thanks so very much for your attention given this concern.


Butler County Iowa over 7 years ago

Range of Japanese Beetles in IA

How far have the Japanese Beetles extended their range in IA counties? In 2009 I was told they hadn't reached Butler Co yet. Saw two this morning...I live in southwestern corner of Butler. Thanks, Rebecca Hoyt


Butler County Iowa about 6 years ago

Is rhubarb ok to use if it freezes

With the freeze earlier this week there is conflicting information available on whether rhubarb is safe to use after a freeze. We live in the country and it got down to 27 degrees in my area. Plants did have a layer of frost on the leaves the same as my other plants. The leaves are NOT blackened and look fairly normal. All of my other perennials also looked similar in the morning but all plants appear fine (providing this info as a way to gauge the “level” of freeze).


Butler County Iowa over 1 year ago

Custom Spraying Business

Is starting up a custom spraying and fertilizer business for grain farmers profitable. What is the initial cost for equipment needed.


Butler County Iowa about 6 years ago


Is there a farm program for 2015 and will there be any info meetings?


Butler County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Pencil Point Junipers

We have 7 pencil point junipers. 5 of them are on the South side against our house, so fairly protected from the wind. The other 2 are on the North side of the house in an unprotected area. They are 2 years old. Last Spring, the 5 by the front had pretty significant browning, which I trimmed some of these branches off. Now there are holes where I trimmed as it didn't grow back there. Is it normal for these to brown in the Spring? I think the 5 turned mostly green eventually last summer. But the 2 on the N side look half dead. Like half of the tree (on the South side) is dead brown, the other half green. Could this be caused by the wind? Lack of water? Location? Too much sun exposure? They are beautiful trees and I don't want to part with them, but they don't look very nice...especially on our front walkway.


Butler County Iowa over 3 years ago

Cobalt Insecticide

How toxic is Cobalt to aquatic fish and or invertebrates being it contains Pyrethroid?


Butler County Iowa about 7 years ago

Light green grassy weed

I have a light colored grass/weed taking over my yard. Is there someone that can tell me what I can do about this? I use Earl Mays fertilizer 6 step program and have dark green grass. So this light colored grass is an eyesore. Please tell me there is something that will kill this? I have attached a few photos as well. Thanks in advance for your help!


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Butler County Iowa over 1 year ago

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