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Request from Ida County Iowa

Tried to get in and respond- and I can not #1- is Answer Go to Iowa 4-H Harvesting Vegetables for Exhibit Publication 4H 462 Revised April 2007 Cleaning Clean vegetables are another important criteria for judging. Dirt detracts from the appearance of the vegetables. However, it is not always advisable to clean vegetables by washing. Root crops, such as potatoes, that have been washed and scrubbed will wilt and shrivel after only a short time on display. Generally, less soil adheres to root vegetables if they are dug when the soil is relatively dry. If washing is necessary, soak roots in cool water, and gently wash with a stream of water or soft cloth. Never scrub with a hard-bristled brush. Tender-skinned vegetables, such as summer squash and eggplant, must not be washed. Clean them by lightly brushing the dirt away with a soft- bristled paint brush. #2- Original Email to ISUEO YPS- Carol Ehlers From: aae-notify@extension.org [mailto:aae-notify@extension.org] Sent: Monday, July 14, 2014 6:41 AM To: Ehlers, Carol H [YOUTH] Subject: Ask an Expert Handling Reminder: Question 197575 Handling Reminder: Question 197575 View in a browser You were assigned this question 6 days ago. Please answer or reassign as soon as possible. Thanks for your help! Horticulture project for Fair What produce do you wash and what don't you wash? Submitted Tuesday, July 8, 2014, 4:14 PM UTC Ida County Iowa This question needs tags. Can you help tag it? The question was assigned to you Tuesday, July 8, 2014, 5:12 PM EDT. Please don't reply to this email. Send a reply from the question page. This email was sent to xehlers@iastate.edu. You received this email because you have an account at http://ask.extension.org/. Change your answering preferences or your group notification settings. View in a browser Change your email settings

Buena Vista County Iowa about 6 years ago

Proper PPE for spraying crops

My brother farms our family farm. What are the required training and PPE for farmers so they can apply fertilizer, insecticide, and herbicide? Are there specific OSHA safety protocols farmers are required to observe? Best practices? Thanks, Teresa M. Caslavka 254-721-8429


Buena Vista County Iowa almost 4 years ago

Baking Challenge

IN the Buena Vista County Fair in 2008, I think, the 4-her's were challenged to make homemade biscuits. We have lost our copy of the recipe and would love to make these again. Could you send me the recipe? Thanks so much! Reva Arends


Buena Vista County Iowa almost 4 years ago

Seeding Alfalfa

a field that was in Alfalfa/Grass mix for many years has been in a corn and now bean rotation. Will this be a viable field for alfalfa next year? Or, will the crop be compromised by previous crops?


Buena Vista County Iowa about 4 years ago

best type of rake/harrow for pasture de-thatching and break up of manure

We have a Fuerst flexible tine harrow - we have weighted it but it still doesn't do the job….just goes over the top of horse manure clods and jambs up with debris. All very frustrating! We have about 8-10 A we'd like to "rake". What type of rake or harrow would do the job of de-thatching and breaking up clods? We have a l949 Ford 8N with 3 point & a JD radius turn mower with hitch attachment to use for this job. I have searched the web a bit - so many harrows/rakes out there all saying they are the best! :) Can you advise? Thank you.


Buena Vista County Iowa over 6 years ago

spider identification

I was wondering what kind of side thos is? It's grey and fuzzy and they're in my house!



Buena Vista County Iowa about 6 years ago

Treflan in washer

How can I get the stains and residue that Treflan left behind in washer from clothes so it doesn’t contaminate the rest of our clothes.


Buena Vista County Iowa over 2 years ago

custom rates

I need to find out the average custom rate for cutting/raking and baling hay in my area


Buena Vista County Iowa over 7 years ago

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