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Can you suggest options for palatable liquid meals that will maintain or put on weight?

A friend had an esophagectomy that took most of his stomach so he is supposed to be on a liquid diet. He is also NOT supposed to eat yogurt as he has some issues with the "bugs" in his intestines. All the recipes we found show 'smoothies' made with yogurt. He's lost about 40 pounds since the surgery and is finding it difficult to maintain his weight.


Buchanan County Iowa health and diet almost 6 years ago

Soil sample/lawn help

I am looking to improve my grass growth, but am having a hard time retaining grass and it seems to die very quickly in the summer despite watering and good sunlight. I am wondering if my soil is the issue. I thought you had a way to test a sample of soil to tell how to get the soil more friendly to grass. Also any info on organic crab grass and other weed killers? I am seeing articles from the IARC (International Agency for Research for Cancer, a WHO cancer branch) about glyphosate being probable as a cancer to humans, any other techniques or chemicals that are safer for weed control? Thanks for the help!


Buchanan County Iowa about 2 years ago

fresh mulch

we want to chip/mulch cedar branches damaged in a recent flood. Can these be used immediately in the garden?


Buchanan County Iowa about 6 years ago

Long needle white pine

Will a long needle white pine grow a new leader?


Buchanan County Iowa over 2 years ago


I was wondering if a teacher at a school were to take a cell phone (being on it without permission) could go through it and take it (forever). A friend of mine was on her phone in class and her teacher took it, looked through it and stated she was not going to give it back.


Buchanan County Iowa 7 months ago

Tile maps

Im looking to acquire the most current tile maps of our farm. We have some maps but since our parents have passed, are not sure how current or if additional tile was installed since this map. Is there anyplace this information is stored with the county or state, or is this an asset the farm owners should have in their possession?


Buchanan County Iowa over 4 years ago

Is it O.K. to rototill a bed of asparagus before the ground warms up?

I have a 10-year-old bed of asparagus. Is it O.K. to rototill it 1 to 2 inches deep now before the ground warms up?


Buchanan County Iowa asparagus lrk over 5 years ago

black raspberries

We have some black raspberries that were flooded , not sure if there was berries on them at the time, this was 2 weeks ago when we had flash flooding. would the berries be ok to eat .


Buchanan County Iowa about 6 years ago

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