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Failure to Thrive in Saanen Goat

We recently bought some goats as a hobby farm project. We have three that are being weaned and doing great (fat and happy and adapting well to foraging outside their pen). Recently we added two more goats (one saanen and one alpine). These came to us from a rather large herd where competition was probably pretty high. One of them (the saanen) looks a little rough and has had some diarrhea (change of diet?). For scope, this goat is probably 3-4 weeks older and no bigger (if not smaller) than the other saanen we have. The two new goats were left separate from the herd for the first few days, just in case. But in an effort to get them to forage we quickly let them graze together. When they first came to us they were really into the grain we gave them, but not the hay so much. They also seem to be slow on the uptake for foraging. What can we do for the sannen that's struggling? Would giving him milk replacer be going backwards? We are hoping he can get the hang of foraging soon as that's probably what's best for him - but I'd like to give him a boost if we could. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!


Boone County Iowa almost 2 years ago

Carpenter Bees

I have an infestation of bees in an old stump on my property. Googling bees, the only ones I can find that live in wood are carpenter bees, but Wikipedia does not have a map of the range of these bees. Are there carpenter bees in Iowa?


Boone County Iowa almost 6 years ago


I thought one of the locations of the homegrownlifestyle course was going to be Ames, IA


Boone County Iowa over 6 years ago

thankyou for your quick reply and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In your reply you mentioned that canadian hemlocks are difficult to grow in Iowa. After looking at five or six nursery catalogs they all say we are in the right zone. None of them say anything about hot/dry conditions. The nursery we ordered from was Inter-State Nurseries out of Bloomington, IL. Would it be possible to recommend a nursery or nurseries that are reliable to order from?


Boone County Iowa over 5 years ago

hedge plants

Thankyou for the onfo on that nursery. Could you recommend hedge plants that would closely resemble canadian hemlock for central Iowa?


Boone County Iowa over 5 years ago

corn crib removal

We need to have a corn crib removed. Roof is too expensive to repair and is slowly deteriorating. What is the best way to go about this? What is liability for someone tearing it down for the steel siding and lumber?


Boone County Iowa about 7 years ago

Honeybee Hive in Wall

I have a very active honeybee hive in the exterior wall of my mobile home that needs to be removed immediately. Since the word throughout media keeps mains maintaining that honeybee populations continue to dwindle, I wondered if ISU would like to remove it preserving the queen for use on campus. This hive has only appeared in the last 4-6 weeks and seems to have several hundred members very actively collecting pollen. Could you please contact me regarding this to let me know if there is any interest at all? I believe this would be a great chance to train future beekeepers hands-on versus in theory through classroom materials only. If there is no interest, could you please refer me to the nearest beekeeper or pest removal service that has experience with honeybee removal?


Boone County Iowa almost 5 years ago

Black Soybean with Green Kernel

I am looking to purchase some Black Soybean with green kernels. This is a specialty soybean which has higher levels of nutrition and antioxidant levels. There is at least one producer in Iowa who is growing this type of soybean, as I found it for sale on their website, but I can not find it now. It was sold by the ton, by the pallet of 50 lb bags, or by the 50 lb bag. If you do not know of a producer/vendor, then who else might I contact who could help me? Thank You


Boone County Iowa about 5 years ago

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