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Ash Tree

I have a large Ash tree in my yard that appears healthy. It has leaves, etc. But the last couple of weeks I have lost several branches. 2-4 inch ones all full of leaves not dead wood.

Black Hawk County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Grub Control

If using both chemical grub control and Milky Spore for Japanese Beetles, when do I apply each?

Black Hawk County Iowa about 6 years ago

Norway spruce yellow tips

I have 3 Norway spruce with yellowing tips and needles falling off. ? Cause. I sent earlier email but I don't know if it went through

Black Hawk County Iowa 11 months ago

Trouble with Tupelo (black gum)

Good morning! I have a quick question, just hoping someone can help me! I have two young tupelo trees, planted about 40 feet apart. One is doing quite well, the other is stunted, yellowed, and has brown spots. This tree also had the same issues last year as well. I'm attaching a picture to give you a visual of the issue. The ailing tree is three years old, and the healthy tree is one year old. It is fairly important to me to save this tree, as I planted each one to coincide with the birth of my two children. So I'd like to do what I can to help this tree recover. They're beautiful trees and I can't wait to watch them mature (much like my children)!


Black Hawk County Iowa almost 3 years ago

when sould you start spraying apple trees, how often, and do you have worry...

when sould you start spraying apple trees, how often, and do you have worry if it rains right after you spray, meaning do you have respray if it rains

Black Hawk County Iowa about 6 years ago

Study Material for 7D pesticide licensing

Where can I find study material for 7D pesticide licensing?

Black Hawk County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Unknown plant

Can not figure out plant. Grew on it's own. Vines on fence with thicker stalk. Assuming a bird may have been the seed donor. Thanks for the help. I apologize if I already doesn't show that it was submitted.


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Black Hawk County Iowa vines horticulture almost 3 years ago

new grass dying

laid a new sidewalk and reseeded where grass was dug up it came up good mowed after it was about 6 inches long died out in the center outside edges are doing great have reseeded middle several times comes up and then dies have had lots of rain could the seed be drowning HELP


Black Hawk County Iowa almost 5 years ago

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