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Help with daughter being to show her horse for the fair

Dear Mr. McClintock and other fair board members; I am in need of some assistance with a simple misread group. Last week I tried the new system to sign my daughter up for her horse in the BEHIP group and somehow Courtni said it was misplaced in the pet category. I don't know exactly how all that happened, but I had her all signed up for fair this year way before the 15th, like in January. I try to go into the new system and I could not get her horse to go through. It said something about an e-mail that was messed up and it would not let me put the horse in. Courtni said it was registered wrong. I do not remember even putting it in because every year she does the same thing so it was just checked (add). Well, Courtni said she could not show her horse this year. I understand Courtni is new, but you do not know how much my daughters work with this horses and this is their reward is going to the Fair. My oldest is done with 4-H, but Hanna works very hard for the fair to make sure her horse is in tip top shape. They have shown for 16 years now. Never had something like this happen. She is heart broken. She does not even want to do anything this year. She works hard with her horses to get them to do what she tells them and loves the competition. All she needs done is a simple flubbed up word/group and she will be in good shape to continue with her horse in the fair. All her friends are so upset that she cannot be with them in the fair. Is it possible I can go to a fair board meeting and try to explain this in person to try and get her reinstated. Just one word it needs to be and that the "pet" word needs to be changed to "horse" category which is what I had done. I do not know where the "pet" category ever come from. Thanks for any help you can help with this. I would love to come to come to a meeting and explain this all in person if I need to. This Wednesday is the horse safety program that she would need to do to show at the fair and we would like to know if she needs to go to it or not. She has really been working hard with her horse. Thanks Again for any assistance we can get.


Benton County IA about 2 years ago


I have something eating my rose bushes. It is silver brown and has killed 4 rose bushes in about a weeks time. Can I bring one in for you to see and do you have an idea what it is? If you do know, what can I use to kill it? Thank you


Benton County IA about 7 years ago

Japanese Beetles

I live out in the country, and the Japanese beetles that were so thick last year have returned. From what I understand, it is too early, but they are definitely back. Is there something that I can put on my plants/bushes to protect them from being eaten by these pesky bugs. They destroyed one third of a bush last year, and I am trying to keep them from finishing it off this year. I have not noticed them until the past few days. Suddenly, each day I see more and more of them. They are the beetles with the green top side. They have already started to destroy my Rubeckia (sp?) Please provide any advice that you may have. I would prefer the organic method opposed to any sort of chemicals. I also have an outside cat that walks in and through these areas, so I need to make sure that whatever is used is not harmful to it. Thank you.


Benton County IA about 7 years ago

is my shrew full grown or a baby

I caught a shrew in a sticky trap. It is only 1 1/2 inches long. Is it a baby or is there a shrew that is this tiny?


Benton County IA over 1 year ago

How to get rid of tree suckers in lawn

Two years ago I cut down a very large locust tree in my yard and had the trunk ground out. Ever since there have been little trees popping up ALL OVER the yard. Assuming they are roots searching for water. How can I get rid of these things? I have tried pulling them out root and all but we are talking every week for all summer but its not working. HELP!!!


Benton County IA almost 7 years ago

Snowball Viburnum Bush has holes

I have a back yard full of snow ball bushes & lilacs bushes they border our property they are dying after being healthy for 15 years. :( Just sent 6 hours cutting and burning and only have one 1 bush done. So far the problem has affected 8 out of the 13 bushes. I didnt notice any problems last fall except on one larger branch and i trimmed it out. This has spread rapidly this year please help.
Thank you so much in advance i hope you can help


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Benton County IA almost 5 years ago

composted manure to soil ratio

I have a bag of composted manure with organic material and a bag potting soil. I have several containers I would like to put annuals in. I was wondering what the ratio is for the composted manure to soil? I do not want to burn the plants. The composted manure is by Mark Man Peat.


Benton County IA about 7 years ago

Picnic bugs on raspberry bushes

Hello, my name is Kara and I have an issue with the picnic bugs laying its eggs/larva in the raspberry fruit itself. Is there some type of pesticide that I can use on my plants to keep them away? It makes me sick when I pick a big pan full of berries to only discover that in some berries is creeping larva Needless to say I throw them all out, I'm not into eating bugs yikes! Thank you in advance, Kara


Benton County IA almost 4 years ago

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