Appanoose County, Iowa

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We have 4 acres at the edge of a very small town. We would like to encourage native plants and animals. Are there any programs that can help us with this. Thank you


Appanoose County Iowa almost 7 years ago

What is my BP doing?

I have a male bp almost a year old and I have noticed she I get him out, he likes to rub up and down on my fingers. He will wrap them fairly tight with his body, and move his head around my fingers. I read bp don't like their head being touched however when he does this he pushes his cheeks, top of his head and bottom of his head really hard against my fingers, do you think he is seeing if my fingers are prey? Should I worry about him biting. He also used to do a thing before he got so big, where he would wrap around my wrist and put hi head where he could feel my pulse and move whatever part of his head was touching my skin back and forth. Could that be linked?. But he is almost 2.5 feet now and about 700g


Appanoose County Iowa 5 months ago

Pollinators for some fruit trees I bought

I picked up some fruit trees today - a "red apple" (whatever mystery apple that may be), bradford pear, and bing cherry. I was curious if you could recommend some cross-pollinators that would help them bear fruit? It's my understanding that I need a different variety of apple, pear, and cherry respectively for each tree. (Had I known that at the time, I probably wouldn't have bought three different fruit trees.) Thank you!


Appanoose County Iowa over 4 years ago me

What would you guess here? 3 growing together under some trees. Found yesterday. Thank You



Appanoose County Iowa about 3 years ago

Emerald Ash Borer

How do I connect with a certified arborist for my county?


Appanoose County Iowa over 5 years ago

Red Maple bark splitting

Can you tell me why my tree bark is splitting. Is there anything I can do to repair it. Thank you. The second picture is of the tree, you can see the dark area on the right hand side, that is where the bark is splitting.


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Appanoose County Iowa over 1 year ago

Name my spider?




Appanoose County Iowa 5 months ago

Does anyone know what this is?

Holes and tunnels in the dirt under a deck.


20200822_142539_300x300%2523 20200822_142533_300x300%2523

Appanoose County Iowa about 1 month ago

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