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What do I need to do to sell my rabbit at the fair?

I have been researching rabbits and found that Mini Rex Rabbits make great pets. I am interested in bringing one to the fair. Is it possible to sell him or her at the fair?


Allamakee County Iowa about 4 years ago


Is honey dew hard on car paint?


Allamakee County Iowa about 2 years ago

Bank excavation--stabalizing planting options

Recently purchased a property in Allamakee Co. with a garage built within the past 2 years. A bank behind the garage was excavated as part of the construction. The bank is quite steep and would not be able to be mowed. What are preferred vegetation options to help stabilize the bank? Years ago Crown Vetch was a suggested option but understand the invasive nature of that plant makes it not such a good choice. Thank you for any recommendations!


Allamakee County Iowa about 2 years ago

Tomato leaves

The leaves on my tomato plants are turning blue and curling up. Then they turn yellow and dry up. Could it be because of to much water?


Allamakee County Iowa almost 3 years ago

Our ash trees

We have ash trees in our yard that may have the ash bore. They will need treatment. How do we get that done? what is recommended? Dupont was here today to check the trees that they will be removing and he commented that our Ash trees need to be treated. Could you help me with this problem??


Allamakee County Iowa about 5 years ago

Lost card

I have misplaced my herbicide card. How do I go about acquiring a replacement?


Allamakee County Iowa almost 2 years ago

Help identifying wild plant.

I see people picking this plant from the ditches. Many of them are of Asian/ Chinese culture. Just wondering what it is called. The bigger plants have a red/purple stem and the smaller ones have green stems. The leaves are green and remind me of a lily leaf.


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Allamakee County Iowa wildflowers and native plants horticulture plant identification about 3 years ago

Rotten Egg Smell in Well Water

We drilled a new well and now have a sulfur (rotten egg) smell in our water. We have a water softener and an electric water heater. We drained the heater, refilled, turn the temperature up for 8 hours, and it was fine for a while, but the smell is returning. We have read extensively about anodes, chlorinators, aerators at the well, filters in the house, talked to plumbers, etc., but can't seem to find a sure solution. The water does not smell bad at the hydrant near the well. Our next step is to take the magnesium anode out of the water heater and see what shape it is in. We don't know if we should replace the anode with another kind, either a different metal or powered, or if we should eliminate the anode altogether. What do you recommend? Thanks for your help. Larry and Nancy Klocke


Allamakee County Iowa about 6 years ago

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