Adams County, Iowa

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frozen ham

Will a bone-in ham that has been in the freezer since 2012 still be ok to use for Thanksgiving? How long will a frozen turkey still be good to use when it has been kept frozen in a freezer?


Adams County Iowa over 5 years ago

date of adams co fair

could someone post the dates of adams co fair


Adams County Iowa about 5 years ago

Where or how do I test

I would like to micron test my sheep. Where can I do this


Adams County Iowa about 1 month ago

Can you identify this

I found this vine growing in our yard. I tried to look it up but the leaves don't match anything I found.


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Adams County Iowa almost 2 years ago

Well water test

How do I get a test kit for mineral content in my well water, and where do I send it? Thank You Donna


Adams County Iowa about 3 years ago

Emerald Ash Borer

Who should I contact to look at a Green Ash tree in my yard for possible Green Ash Borer.


Adams County Iowa almost 6 years ago

weed control

To control grass coming up in Iris beds, Peony's and Asparagus can you apply Preen in the spring? If so when should it be applied. Do you have another suggestion on weed control?


Adams County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Food Safety

Because we needed to empty a refrigerator we stored all the food in another refrigerator in the basement. This morning I found the refrigerator door standing open. It had opened sometime during the night. My question regards the safety of the food being stored. In particular I am concerned with milk, mayonnaise, eggs, butter, bacon & hamburger that had previously been cooked, salad dressings, vegetable dip, sour cream and cream cheese. Guidance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank You! Brian


Adams County Iowa over 4 years ago

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