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4-H and FFA

I was wondering if I could do a partner POI cooking project with someone in 4-H even though I'm in FFA? I also needed to know if I could do a home restoration project in FFA with someone in 4-H and we both present it in our different associations using pictures to document it? I also need to know what I need to display pictures at the State Fair. Please get back to me as soon as you know the answers to these questions. Thank you.


Adair County Iowa over 5 years ago

What kind of spider is this?

Just took this picture in my back yard. I have never seen a metallic gold spider like this in iowa before. About the size of a black and white jumping spider. It also has an ant in it's mouth. Watched it follow the ant. The ant stopped the spider spun around a few times. Then it just walked right up to the ant picked it up no fight no pounce just as if the ant was all ready dead.


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Adair County Iowa over 3 years ago

4-H club membership

We reside in Adair county but my children want to do 4-H in Dallas county. Can we do that if we just join a Dallas County group?


Adair County Iowa over 2 years ago

Curious plant in yard

Trying to identify this plant in my yard and determine if fruit is edible. Fruit turns from green to red to deep black in fall.


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Adair County Iowa over 4 years ago

25' Norway Spruce problem

We have a dozen 25' Norway Spruce trees. Almost all needles on one of them have completely turned brown, and are falling. Another has about 4 branches in the center of the tree that the needles have turned brown. The rest of the trees seem ok, aside from deer attacking them. Will they grow back, or are they doomed?


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Adair County Iowa almost 4 years ago

Daycare grants

I am going to take over the Bulldog Daycare as owner starting August 1st. I was wondering if there are any grants I can apply for that would help me with purchasing new cribs and supplies.


Adair County Iowa about 7 years ago

Killing plum thickets

Have several plum thickets popping up on my terraces. Do you have any information about killing them?


Adair County Iowa 5 months ago

maple tree

I have a maple tree planted last fall. It is now about six foot tall and has looked really good. Now I am noticing it looksstressed and sort of a wilted appearance. I thought I had watered enough=, and soil does seem to be damp around the base.

Should a person fertilize the tree, give more water, or I am wondering if it might have contacted a disease. In other words, I am uncertain as to the course to take hoping to save this tree.

It is an AUTUMN bLAZE and set out in October of last year.


Adair County Iowa about 1 year ago

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