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Late Summer Sweet Corn

Hello, Is there a sweet corn variety that is southern corn leaf blight resistant? All my late planted corn seems to always get hit in September. It has to be a 75 days or long variety. Short season varieties tassel out at about knee high. This would be the last varieties I plant in mid- July. I would think University test plots have determined what varieties would be the best. I assume it is SCLB. Thanks, Randy M.


Shelby County Indiana over 3 years ago

S.O.S. for Snowball/hydrangea bush

My moronic neighbor sprayed along the fence and on the other side, my yard, is a hydrangea bush that's bloomed each spring/summer for over 50+ years. I am so concerned - will the bush come up again after being dormant this fall/winter? I do not know what kind of poison the neighbor used - and he even got it on some of my lawn which is now brown. Thank you so very much for any knowledge on this!!


Shelby County Indiana almost 4 years ago

Yellow decay?

Hello, I've recently purchased a grafted Meyer lemon tree and it had a few spots when i got it. The spots seem to have spread within the last week and I can't seem to find anything like what I have online. Any help will be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time! Thanks, Ben


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Shelby County Indiana about 1 month ago

how big of an advantage is plasma lighting for greenhouse growing. do you...

how big of an advantage is plasma lighting for greenhouse growing. do you have any data comparing light sources?


Shelby County Indiana almost 6 years ago

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