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Medicinal properties of resin and green pine cones

Can you give Me some outstanding knowledge an expound on this subject. Its very important to this study taking place. I believe that it has excellent healing properties and I would love to hear from an expert. Thank you Kenneth Radcliff


Marion County IN over 2 years ago

What us this flying bug? It has a hard back and is black with a design on its back

I have never seen this in my house before They fly and seems like more so come around to die. I've clean all counters with black and sprayed Home Defense. They have a shell but they aren't like a rollie pollie. I dont think they bite. They're mainly in the kitchen but they dont seem to be attacking food, they just land on cords or behind appliances.


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Marion County IN 5 months ago

Some sort of fern

What is this plant



Marion County IN almost 4 years ago

Issues with trunk bark of sugar maple

Wondering if someone can help identify the problem(s) shown in these pictures of a mature sugar maple (I'm 99% sure). (I'd like to include more photos to show the variation of irregularities of the bark but only have the option to attach 3 using the submission form. Perhaps I can include more in a reply to your response.)


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Marion County IN almost 4 years ago

will you archive this webinar?

SNA and NFSMI are hosting a webinar at the same time as yours and I can't do both. Will you archive yours???


Marion County IN almost 6 years ago

Documents related to history of Wapello Count 4-H Fair

I am researching for a future short article on the history of the Wapello County Fair. Do you have or know of the location of any documents related to the 4-H aspect of the "Big Four Fair' predecessor to the Wapello County Fair begun in 1918? Terry Shumaker


Marion County IN over 5 years ago

Identify spider

Hi - I live in Central Indiana and never before have seen a spider like this red one. What is it and is it any more dangerous than others?


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Marion County IN over 2 years ago

Very tiny black bugs

What are these 6 legged, black very tiny bugs with antenna? They are pictured here with cat litter. They don't jump or have wings. They don't like light and are very fast. They live on/in my wooden steps, on the concrete, and are making their way inside.


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Marion County IN over 3 years ago

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