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Water quality for horse consumption

Good afternoon! I came across your website while doing research on water quality for horses and J Mark Locklear ditected me here. My husband and I are in the process of buying our first little horse farm. (They are currently boarded). We had the water tested in the home and a high level of lead was discovered (.048 mg/L). The current home owners are putting in an RO system for the house, but this may not address the water in the barn. Is this lead level acceptable for horses or is this a deal breaker for purchasing the home? Thank you for your time!!



Hancock County IN equine nutrition over 1 year ago

Maple tree black spots

Hello, I am wondering if someone could give me some insight on my newly planted maple trees. Two are autumn blaze maples and one is an October glory maple. The leaves and new twigs have black spots forming. They looked great and healthy when I planted all three in early spring. I'll attach a few images. If you could tell me what it is, if I should be worried and what I could do to help the trees it would be much appreciated.


20170518_043656_300x300%2523 20170518_043101_300x300%2523 20170518_042738_300x300%2523

Hancock County KY tree health horticulture hancock county kentucky over 2 years ago

Coneflower Decapitation

Photo attached. I've experienced this problem for the last three years, just now noticed for this year. Something ( a bore?) is decapitating my coneflowers. Any suggestions for treatment/prevention?



Hancock County IN flower coneflower broken stem over 4 years ago

Coneflower Decapitation

Something ( a bore?) is causing my coneflowers to be decaptiated. Any suggestions for treatment/prevention. Photo was taken today



Hancock County IN flower coneflower stem broken over 4 years ago

pinto beans turn to mushy

why did my pinto beans go to mushy after presure canning them for 90 minutes?


Hancock County IN home food preservation over 2 years ago

Unusual plant

I have seen this in several fields after they have been picked. Not sure what it is.



Hancock County IN cover crops daikon radish forage radish about 4 years ago

Same type of spider in bed several times

I have caught this spider on me in bed several times. It isn't every day but usually months apart.

However this last week it has been on my leg 2 times right on a chigger bite I got in my garden.
I freak out and throw the thing accross the room as a knee jerk reaction. Then of course I can't find it after that.
It is black and round about the size of a nickle or quarter.
Kind of hairy but I have never seen any other color on it than black.
I live in Indiana if that helps. I don't think my bug bites are due to this spider but maybe. I assumed the bites were chiggers since I only get them the day after working in my garden. Is this spider trying to catch the chiggers?
The spider does not look anything like the pictures I have seen of bed bugs, plus it is too big.


Hancock County IN 6 months ago


Where can I have soil tested in Hancock county


Hancock County IN soil testing soil samples agriculture over 3 years ago

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