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Weed in grass

spreads through roots, has nodes roots, looks like clover but leaves are different and roots are strong network and intact. Please help identify


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Bartholomew County Indiana about 4 years ago

Old pipes under the house

I moved into my house in December and noticed immediately within 30 days my washer would back up onto my floor when It drained I asked my landlord about it she sent over a guy to snake the drain after that there was no change I explained to her over and over and she would ignore my calls and texts so I called a guy from the water company and he said the pipes under the house were old and rusted so I sent her another text when my rent was due and she finally answered and said in my lease I'm held accountable for clogs of the drain and any damage to the house caused my leaking does that still matter even though it was a problem from the beginning and have text messages to prove I was asking about getting it fixed


Bartholomew County Indiana almost 4 years ago

Store bought manure

Will bagged composted manure help get a compost pile going or are all the beneficial organisms gone?


Bartholomew County Indiana over 1 year ago

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