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black rot on grapes

Can you use the grapes that don't have spots for jelly and such?


Woodford County IL viticulture over 4 years ago

What kind of plant?

My aunt purchased this plant way back in 1975, which means it's 12 years older than I am. I was just wondering if you knew what kind of plant it is. Thanks!



Woodford County IL horticulture about 3 years ago

Currant borer question

I have several black and red currants that have this problem. The canes break easily and when you look inside, you see that it is hollowed out. Sometimes there is nothing inside, but sometimes, as shown in the attached photo, it is full of dead insects. This photo also shows one live larva. Can you tell me what this is and how I can control it organically? Will beneficial nematodes help?



Woodford County IL currants 4 months ago

Ornamental tree

Can you tell me what type of tree this is? It was in city of Chicago. The tree was a small ornamental size.Also, what type of plant this is?


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Woodford County IL plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 3 years ago

Cost of Moving Farm Machinery

Logically, for a farm operator to move machinery, has a cost of labor, lost productivity, expense of fuel, mechanical "wear & tear" that makes distant moves costly enough to deter buying or renting land at greater distance from a "home base" of operation. Does U of Iowa have any studies of these issues and costs associated with performing moves for planting, harvesting, or maintenance activities?


Woodford County IL over 4 years ago

some Canning questions I have

I have looked through the approved and tested usda recipes for Bavarian sauerkraut (sauerkraut with sugar, caraway seeds, and salt) and haven't had any luck. Is this a recipe that can be canned at home?

When water bath canning, is it safe to use coconut sugar or natural cane sugar in place of refrined common white sugar in a recipe like jam?

I found a recipe for canned baked beans on a non-official usda/extension website. If I am pressure canning, do I need to worry about having the ph tested?


Woodford County IL home food preservation about 3 years ago

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