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Ginko tree leaves drooping.

We purchased our Ginko tree online several years ago (2013) . It seems to be a slow growing tree, which is OK..............we liked the yellow leaves in the fall. The first year it was OK.......the second year, it grew a little, then last year , 2015, it seemed to really fill out and grow more. This year it leafed out and was doing good. We've had a lot of rain and thought that was good for it. Now the leaves are drooping and curling............I do not want to lose the tree...............is there anything we can do to make sure we don't.?

Debbie Hurt


Williamson County Illinois over 4 years ago

luna moth; can I collect them?

So I have a luna moth on my porch wall and I believe it is laying eggs in little clusters on the wall. I have researched how they normally lay them on leaves. Anyways, I know the mother will die shortly when done and I was wondering if it would be possible to collect them and maybe keep them as catapillars. If I can how would I get the eggs off the wall and what should I put them in? What would I feed them?


Williamson County Illinois over 5 years ago

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