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Pine tree with scale near koi po d

Is it possible to to treat a large Austrian pine for scale without spraying? I have a koi POND near the tree. I hate to lose the tree but my fish are worth more than the tree. I would like to keep the tree if possible. Thank you.

Will County Illinois 2 months ago

black long beetle with yellow design on back and head long legs and antenna

five of these critters have been found in my house. what are they ? Do these beetles destroy trees ? do u think they have crawled out of fire wood that came out of state ?


Will County Illinois over 7 years ago

Rotting apples

My gala apple tree is 4 years old. We were so excited to see so many apples for the first year of fruit. Then we waited for them to ripen. We were very disappointed to see the apples rotting on the tree. Not a few but most of them. The whole apple would be almost completely rotten by the time they fell.
It is about 20 feet from another very old apple tree that we have had to have sprayed the last 4 years. We are cutting it down in spring. And it is surrounded by large evergreens. Because of the old tree and evergreens it doesn't get a lot of sun.


Will County Illinois about 5 years ago

Last spring itrees.com planted for us some trees among which were 3...

Last spring itrees.com planted for us some trees among which were 3 hackberries. We noticed then that the hackberry trees had sparse pale green foliage which did not seem very healthy during the growing season. This spring, we observed that the new foliage on the hackberries grew sparse again and now, in the beginning of July, it is turning yellow already. We live in IL and this summer has been very wet not giving the ground any chance to dry. Do you think the excessive moisture is stressing our trees or something else might be going on?


Will County Illinois over 5 years ago

Plant identity

Hello, I am trying to find out what type of plant the weeping tree is. It resembles a wisteria but I don't think that is what it is. Please help.
Thank you,
Lynn Schneider


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Will County Illinois over 4 years ago


My mother gave me her 100 year old plant that was grown in a greenhouse for as long as she can remember. She is 80 years old. What kind of a plant is it?



Will County Illinois almost 5 years ago

What plant is this?

Trying to identify this plant. It'seems taking over part of my garden.


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Will County Illinois about 4 years ago

What's wrong with my Dipladenia?

I live on Illinois and bought three Dipladenia plants at Menards. When I first got them they were very pretty and full. Now, leaves and becoming yellow and falling off and the flowers have white-ish spots on them. There are also far fewer flowers. What am I doing wrong? I know these are tropical plants, but it is the summer and they get plenty of sunlight. Am I overwatering? Is it insects? I'd really like help, as I think these plants are so pretty. I've attached a picture below. Thanks!



Will County Illinois over 6 years ago

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