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What is the plant with the small purplish flowers

what is the plant with the small purplish colored flowers. It is in part shade/sun and has spread all over in this part of my flower bed. Approximately 3 feet tall.


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Stephenson County Illinois over 5 years ago

chewing on Japanese Maple

Something appears to have chewed on the bark of this Japanese Maple.

Will this endanger the tree? Is there something I can do to help?

Thank you for your help.


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Stephenson County Illinois over 4 years ago

Plant Identification

This plant is growing in the Freeport roundabout which is planted with regional native plants, but the soil came from an agricultural field. We have been able to ID all the other "weeds" that have shown up, but cannot ID this one. It appears to be a member of the buttercup family. We only have the leaves to go by as we don't want it to flower and go to seed. Photo taken on October 2, 2015. Thanks for any guidance you can give me!



Stephenson County Illinois almost 5 years ago

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