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Bacterial flux in my oak tree

This is the second year my oak has been bleeding foul smelling sap. It comes from a high branch and is leaving oily looking spots on my lawn. Is there any way to stop it? It has dripped on my guests heads!


Sangamon County Illinois 6 months ago

Did a spider bite me

Didn't notice tell the next day it's been 2days now there is a pus like substance coming out of two little holes


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Sangamon County Illinois over 2 years ago

why are my gogi berries turning brown instead of orange? i live in ill.

gogi berries are turning brown. I didn't have a problem last year. they are in whiskey barrels on my deck. leaves are also turning yellow and dropping off. thank you for any response.


Sangamon County Illinois over 2 years ago

Cactus flower?

Other similar images say it's a flower bud...?


Sangamon County Illinois about 1 year ago

Plant Identification

What kind of plant is this?



Sangamon County Illinois about 4 years ago

Poison ivy

I got poison ivy on a bunch of my work clothes so I just washed the exposed and unexposed work clothes in the same load. My question is, after washing my poison ivy exposed clothes in the machine, can I go back to washing normally or do I have to clean the washing machine to get rid of any left over poison ivy particles?


Sangamon County Illinois over 4 years ago

Mimosa tree

I have a very small space in my yard that I need to address. I love Mimosa trees, but a full size would be too large. I'm just wondering if a miniature Mimosa tree exists?


Sangamon County Illinois over 5 years ago

Turkey predators

What predator got my 16 two month old thanksgiving turkeys and left nothing behind?


Sangamon County Illinois about 3 years ago

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