Rock Island County, Illinois

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insect eggs? fungus?

the pictures are "dead" branches of a white lilac, the larger mass is too high for me to reach, the smaller mass was sort of "gooey" inside, and seems to be coming from under the bark? my master garden friend was stumped. Is this a good bad or neutral problem?

Rock Island County Illinois over 1 year ago

What to do about bats

I have a problem with bats and I don't know what to do about them. How can I tell where they are coming in? If I find the entry site what do I use to cover it up? Since they are protected I don't know who to ask for help about this problem. We live in an older house that we rent and the landlord says anything we want fixed or taken care of we have to do it ourselves. We also have a flea (we have no pets) and ant problem and two out of our 4 burners on our stove don't work and I can't get rid of the mold in our bathroom and they wont take care of any of it. Can we report our landlord?


Rock Island County Illinois over 7 years ago

Christmas tree bugs

My live Christmas tree had bugs when we brought it in the house so we took it back out and sprayed it with Ortho bug spray. Now I have Google this and have read this can make the tree flamable....what can I do? Do I need to get another tree or how can I be sure this tree is safe to put lights on?


Rock Island County Illinois almost 5 years ago


There is a Bee hive being built by my garage door. I would like not to disturb them, but it's not a good spot for them. I may have to knock down the hive. Will the bees move to another spot on their own? or is this very destructive for them. What would you suggest. We need to help the bees. Thank You Lucy Ofner


Rock Island County Illinois over 4 years ago

Perpetual Calendar

A MG showed us a Perpetual Calendar Gardening Tips of each week/each month and did not know where his wife picked it up or where to purchase one.


Rock Island County Illinois over 5 years ago

What is this volunteer plant in our hosta bed?

This just appeared between our hostas in rock island il. Looks a little like romaine! Thanks :-)



Rock Island County Illinois over 4 years ago

Growing health milkweed

I, along with a growing number of people, am growing common milkweed around my home. They are essential to survival of monarch butterflies, which lay their eggs on the milkweed leaves, enabling the development of the larvae. Milkweed habitat is down, due in part to urban sprawl, but also to farmers eliminating habitat for birds, bees and butterflies by removing hedgerows at field edges. The milkweed I am nurturing has its leaves turning yellow and dropping, from the lower, to higher leaves, jeopardizing any eggs laid on them. I notice that some growing on a mulch pile are doing fine, so is this a nutrition problem? What can I do to grow healthy milkweed?


Rock Island County Illinois over 5 years ago


I eat organic produce and want to build a greenhouse. What type of material is best for my greenhouse? I don’t typically like to use plastic and I wonder if it is safe for my vegetables for the sunlight to come through the plastic windows, would it emit anything unfavorable?


Rock Island County Illinois almost 2 years ago

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