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Pin Oak Tree

I have about 30 pin oak tress that line my lane into my home. They are around 40 years old. Several are struggling and may have about half of the tree or less with leaves. Is there any hope to save these trees?


Randolph County Illinois over 2 years ago

Bradford Pear problems

I live in Southern Illinois. My Bradford Pear tree is approximately 13 years old. I recently noticed the lower leaves are curling, with round dark spots on them and appear to be dying. Upon looking closer at the tree I saw small holes all in a row going around the trunk of the tree up about 12 10 15 feet. Can I save the tree? How?


Randolph County Illinois over 6 years ago

White pine in chester

My white pine tree's needles have turned brown in August.It is now late September and no needles have fallen and branches are still supple.What is wrong with my tree.Is it dying or what?


Randolph County Illinois about 4 years ago

This has been going on for about 3 weeks

My pussy weeping willow tree. Leaves look like they are either not getting enough water or they are drying like fall I have it in a large woodbox and its got good drainage And I water it well. Help the bark looks fine it looks like it wants to but out new leaves


Randolph County Illinois over 5 years ago

Home loans

What is interest on homestead loans?


Randolph County Illinois over 4 years ago

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