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I purchased 3 Yellow Eder plants/trees this spring I repoted them in large...

I purchased 3 Yellow Eder plants/trees this spring I repoted them in large pots and placed them around my pool area. My question is, will they b ok during the winter months and should I cover the base with pine straw or mulch and should I trim or wait until spring? I live in double springs Alabama. Thank you!


Winston County Alabama over 7 years ago

Need help for my Citrus plant.

Hello, I have an tiny Citrus madurensis calamondin from IKEA, and the thing is, that i got away from my home, and my watering tool was a little broken, and later on, broke fully. This tree is very young, it is only 6 months old. When i got my plant from IKEA in Vilnius, i had it in the car, and when it came home, I allready started watering it. Nothing bad happened in time, until 2020-12-17 My plant allready started to dry (die). I tryed to water it, i didin't readed about it a lot, because it was at home for the most of the time. My plant never been Outside. So the problem is: That if it is possible to fix my plant of dying?. Please help, I could really apreciate.


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