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Coral Bark Japanese Maple getting brown leaves

About a month ago I planted a Coral Bark Japanese Maple in full sun. It had been doing great until about a week ago. I water every few days. Now leaves are turning brown. It did turn warm recently and I watered a little extra so wondering if it’s getting too much water?



Piatt County Illinois almost 3 years ago

Tools/pocedures needed for producing consistent, high quality hay for horses?

Can you recommend a knowledgeable “hay” person with whom I could talk about what equipment to buy to efficiently produce top quality hay for the equine market? About procedures to implement to produce a very consistent, high quality product? I have switched over 2000 acres to organic certification and want to add 320 acres of alfalfa/grass hay to my rotation. I am experienced in producing IP grains and oilseeds for domestic and international food markets. I have very little experience with forage and hay. Thanks for your attention.


Piatt County Illinois over 1 year ago

Is this a weed?

What is this? A weed? It's been 3 days and I haven't got a reply from you.



Piatt County Illinois over 4 years ago

What is the name of this plant?

I am a Master Gardener in Illinois and our neighbor sent me a picture of a plant that I cannot identify. This plant is in a newly purchased yard located in Boring, Oregon. I searched bell shaped perennials; I get close but the leaves don’t match up with anything I find. Can you identify this please?



Piatt County Illinois almost 2 years ago

Tall Fecue control

Where can I buy tall fescue control? I can't find it anywhere including amazon and ebay. I can't find anyone who offer tfc as a service either. Do you know of a company that does? Thank you Micheal Allen Central Illinois


Piatt County Illinois over 6 years ago

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