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barn swallow nests

We live in the country, have a pond, and barn swallows return every year mid-April/first of May. We have a few nests on the house which they return to and they will build new ones too, but we need to power wash our house. Should this be done before they return? If those old nests are taken down will they rebuild? How can I best not interrupt their schedule as I do not want to cause them to leave. Any other tip will be appreciated. Also, it seems like we have fewer return each year. Thank you.


Marshall County Illinois 9 months ago

barn swallow return

I live in mid-Illinois in the country and for years I have had as many as five barn swallows nesting on our house. In addition dozens were to be seen on power lines in the area feeding over the fields and ponds. They usually arrive late April except for last year. We had only two pairs show up then with few on the power lines and only one so far this year to nest with none as of yet on lines. I also have Blue Bird boxes that have been successful in years past, but have not seen any this year. Any ideas. Thank you.

Rob Ward


Marshall County Illinois over 4 years ago

japanese beatle control

the best way to control Japanese beatle


Marshall County Illinois over 3 years ago

Loss of CEC

I have a no-till field in rotation ( corn & beans) that has lost about 4 CEC in 6 years not sure why. The1st sample was taken in November 2010, with the most resent being November 2016. 14 samples averaged 21.5 CEC in 2010 and 17.5 CEC in 2016.Organic Matter has increased a little starting at 3.2 in 2010 and 3.4 in 2016.


Marshall County Illinois almost 4 years ago

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