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Can you identify this?


Marion County Illinois over 4 years ago


when do u prune the one of the invasive honeysuckle ?


Marion County Illinois about 1 year ago

type of goat breed

hi, i seen your site and looked at lots of pictures but i'm still not certain what kind if goat i have, his name is bam bam and i have had him for many years and was just curious cause every one around here said they never seen a goat with horns like his. i didn't even know what to feed him so i feed him grass and hay grass in the winter and every evening he gets some alfalfa cubes and a little sweet feed not to mention sometimes a treat like carrots, apples and he seems to like the pizza crust too lol, same thing i feed the wild mustang horse i have and both of them stay healthy and never need a vet. i know your probably busy, but if you can respond it would help. thank you for any help you can give me. > >Pan /|\


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Marion County Illinois over 3 years ago

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