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1988 gmc s15 hall effect switch testing 2.5 litre

It's there a way to check the hall effect switch inside the distributor using a ohm meter? If so what pins. Any help is appreciated.


Madison County Illinois over 5 years ago

If my income falls below $15,800 in 2014, how will my ACA benefits be affected?

I live in Illinois, which has expanded Medicaid for individuals with incomes under $15,800.00. I have acquired a policy under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), with an anticipated MAGI of $40,000, so I receive a subsidy. I fear I may have to take a lower-paying job later in the year, or may be out of work and find that I have fallen below the $15,800 income level when it comes time to file 2014 taxes. What happens to the subsidies and insurance and insurance benefits that I have already received during 2014 if that happens?


Madison County Illinois almost 7 years ago

what kinda of snake

Silver, black stripes and looks like a black hat on its head.



Madison County Illinois about 5 years ago

My Sweet Gum and Oak trees are losing bark, and show holes that are about 1/2...

My Sweet Gum and Oak trees are losing bark, and show holes that are about 1/2 inch wide. What insect can this be? We are also losing trees and one tree fell over and it appeared to have had its roots eaten on one side.


Madison County Illinois over 6 years ago

Looking for what plant this is

My mom has tons of plants planted around her house. This plant grew voluntarily. She knows a lot of plants and has never seen this before. Just looking for an idea of what it could be.


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Madison County Illinois over 4 years ago

Chewings Fescue

8/15/2016 Hello. I am an agronomist in southern Illinois. My son and daughter-in law recently moved to Rochester, MN. They asked me which lawn turf grass is best for their area and pressure on a lawn from dogs. Their lot is sunny, no trees or significant shade. I did some research: Seems to me chewings fescue is a good choice for wear from dogs and a lower maintenance turf. But the general literature does not give chewings fescue good marks for turf. So I need a tie-breaker? Is chewings fescue a good, lower maintenance grass for lawns in Rochester, MN? If yes please provide a link to establishment from seed and maintenance. TY Donald G. Purdy 314.302.4606


Madison County Illinois over 4 years ago

Pod on caladium

What is this?


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Madison County Illinois 7 months ago

Trying to identify this plant

It's a woody tree about 30 feet tall. It's intertwined with a flowering crab apple tree, and some wild grape vines.


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Madison County Illinois over 4 years ago

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