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I have a Rose of Sharon, around 7 - 8 years old, that appears to be dead after our bitterly cold 2018 - 9 winter. I've been told that sometimes Rose of Sharon will appear dead only to come out of it the following year and return to full blooms and green leaves. I'm not sure if what I've been told is true. If there aren't any blooms and no known signs of growth or any green leaves is it dead? Or is what I've heard true and should I wait until next spring and see if it comes around before taking my chain saw to it and removing it? Thank you, Gary


Macon County Illinois over 1 year ago

I have a garden that had an ash tree on one end, about 15 foot away..What...

I have a garden that had an ash tree on one end, about 15 foot away..What ever I plant does well for a short period, and then becomes stunted..I am sure it is caused by tree roots using up the nutrients and water..In your best judgement, if I dig this out about 16'' deep, line it with plastic, not cutting the corners but folding them(seamless)and filling it back in to keep roots out..I know I will have to put a drain of sorts on 1 end so I don't drown the plants..Will this work and for how long. 2 years, 5 8,Thank you..


Macon County Illinois over 7 years ago

Plant Name

what is this plant?



Macon County Illinois over 5 years ago

What likes one spot in garden>

I have a large flower garden. One spot no matter what I plant something eats it right down to the ground. i dug a deep hole and replaced all the dirt but didn't help. I have Coneflowers beside the spot and Black Eyed Susan on the other, They grow fine and are not bothered. Its about a 3x3 square, Any help would be wonderful. Nothing can grow there without being eaten, not even greenery that spreads like crazy that I have to thin out all the time.


Macon County Illinois 9 months ago

Best time of year to prune spruce trees

What is the best time of year to trim/prune spruce trees? I've read different things from dormant time during the winter to early spring after new growth.


Macon County Illinois over 3 years ago

Kerria Japonica

I have several of these beautiful yellow flowering bushes and they came through the winter looking about half dead..The top half of about 1/2 of the limbs on each bush appear to be dead..and I don't know what to do about it..Shall I cut each affected bush down about 8'' from the ground and let it come back up from the roots..I await your good and sage advice...Carl Wangrow


Macon County Illinois almost 7 years ago

Snakes in the pond

How do Cotton Mouth Water Moccasins get into a private pond? They don't just fall out of the sky.

I have been around that pond for 30 yrs, and never saw a snake.


Macon County Illinois almost 5 years ago

Black snakes in trees

When I was a child there were black snakes that dropped out of the trees that were around 3ft. long and sounded like my father described as someone dropping a tire from a distance. Grandma was quick with the hoe. What kind of snake could that have been?


Macon County Illinois almost 5 years ago

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