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spider identification

I live in central illinois and have some issues with spiders. I just sprayed one that was jet black with red stripes on its legs. I lost it in the grass, so I'm not able to get a picture.


Logan County Illinois over 5 years ago

Identify this plant

Can you please help me identify this plant, we tried before but it was not flowering, and now it is.



Logan County Illinois over 4 years ago

sowing seeds

I have several seed packets that I am ready to sow. Last year the seeds must have floated away from the area where sowed. My question... I have a long piece of burlap, like a table runner, if I were to put this piece of burlap down toss some soil over the top after raking the ground below tossing the seeds on top and scattering more dirt will the burlap allow for plant growth. Some of the seeds are annual and a few say perennial. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Michele


Logan County Illinois 7 months ago

Fire spinner

Two years ago I planted 4 Fire spinner plants, Purchased form a nursery, followed the instructions according to the tag. Well last year nothing grew back and there was no sign of life during winter. My understanding is the plant was suppose to have flowers and color throughout summer and fall, green color during the dormant season and return each year as perennials should. I was hopeful that maybe I would see some life appear this year but I guess after waiting there is no hope. My question...I am asking for some more of these plants for mothers day> I would love to have a plant like this grow, low height, colorful ground cover with vibrant colors , what do you suggest or is there another plant to consider for my location. No I have not had my soil tested. In this particular garden I grow.. tiger lily, Iris's, tulips, daffodils, other "Easter style lily's", Hosta, and some Lily of the valley. I see a primrose trying to grow but it is pretty short and small still. Any information you can give would be great.


Logan County Illinois 7 months ago

Is Tacca chantrieri poisonous to cats?

Is the Tacca chantrieri dangerous or poisonous to cats?



Logan County Illinois 3 months ago

Radish black spot and scab

Radishes, red, colors or Daikons develop black spot and scabs. What can we do to prevent or control this?


Logan County Illinois almost 5 years ago

Hi, Can you tell me what this 4 inch flying insect is? They come around in...

Hi, Can you tell me what this 4 inch flying insect is? They come around in the afternoon looking for a home, I think. We live in Lincoln, Illinois. I've attached a photo. They are long and kind of cigar shaped. Thanks!!



Logan County Illinois over 7 years ago

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