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Evolution of Human food

Are we more adapted to African fruits and plants? We spent a long part of our history evolving and, eating plants and fruits on the continent of Africa.. Could it be that our bodies obtain nutrients and digest the plants and fruits of Africa better? There are all these various African fruits and greens we don't eat because we dont have access! I mean our closest relatives the chimps and bonobos eat figs and nuts and various African vegetation in the form of leaves, nuts,berries, etc... Would we as humans be better suited to eating these foods? Or maybe the foods of the African Savannah? We then moved out Africa and starting eating diets of the local foods that were available to us in various places? Did we start finding better foods and more nutritious foods all over the world and that's why we now incorporate them into our diets? I know we can survive anywhere obviously as we have been doing it since we left Africa....but are we still more adapted to these African foods? Or is it the all about being able to obtain nutrients from any plants and fruits regardless of where they are from? I could be eating blueberries and wild dandelions right now in North America, or I could be eating an African wild Fruit with African greens...Or since white people are European is it that they would be more adapted to eaten European vegetation? Or once again does it not matter.... Is it all the same as long as we digest and obtain nutrients regardless of where they come from.?


Livingston County Illinois over 6 years ago

Preen and birds safe to leave Preen out on a plowed field to prevent weeds from growing? Will it harm birds or pets?


Livingston County Illinois over 1 year ago

18-Month-Old Uncontrollable in Restaurants and Stores

I have a child I work with who is 18 months old. The child's mother is frustrated because it is so stressful to take her anywhere. She won't sit in the cart in grocery stores, and in restaurants, she will not sit in the high chair and wants to run wild and act up. What suggestions do you have for handling a "wild" child in these situations?


Livingston County Illinois over 7 years ago

Is it ok to use treated lumber (2x4's) from Mendard's over our blueberry...

Is it ok to use treated lumber (2x4's) from Mendard's over our blueberry plants to hold the netting over them? We were concerned chemicals might come off and go into the plants. Thank You!


Livingston County Illinois over 5 years ago

wild 20 Mo. old

I do support work for famlies with children and I have one mother who is frustrated with her 20 Mo. old daughter. The 20 Mo. old will not sit in a cart in the grocery store and will not sit in restraunts. She cries and throws fits that the mother no longer wants to take her out to eat and it is exhausting for her to carry the daughter thru out the store. Any suggestions?


Livingston County Illinois over 7 years ago

Two-year-old frustrated

I have a two-year-old who gets frustrated easily and throws fits, banging his head on furniture and the floor. What do I do?


Livingston County Illinois over 7 years ago

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