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I have lived at my current residence for 11 years. In that time i've had an...

I have lived at my current residence for 11 years. In that time i've had an average number of squirrels here and there. Nothing unusual in all that time. A few weeks ago. I went into my backyard and there was about 10 squirrels on the ground. Running in circles, and chattering. About that many back and forth on my fence. And about 20 in the trees jumping around like crazy. It was like nothing I ever seen. This went on for a number of hours in the day. The next day all the squirrels were gone. Now I haven't seen a single squirrel in my yard. Nothing! I find this whole incident very strange. Any ideas??? Thank you, Cory Alan


Lee County Illinois over 7 years ago

What type of mushrooms are these?

I found these growing in my yard. I'd like to know what type of mushrooms these are.


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Lee County Illinois over 4 years ago

Leaf stoma diseases

When the stoma is open on the underside of the leaf what disease can enter the stoma and infect the plant. If there is an RPD could you send that also. Thank you very much


Lee County Illinois almost 8 years ago

Bud drop

Daylily buds turning hard and brown eventually dropping. Cause?


Lee County Illinois over 1 year ago

Orange mushrooms

What kind of mushrooms are these? They are growing in our yard where a tree was cut down. Edible? Poisonious??



Lee County Illinois about 5 years ago


found this attached to my fish tank and captured it. what is it?


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Lee County Illinois about 5 years ago

What is this plant

Wondering what this plant is in our back yard


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Lee County Illinois about 4 years ago

Stagnant Water

We have been fighting a paving company over the cement and what ever else the is in it. We have been told they are LIGHT INDUSTRY, they are county. What is the difference between Light Industry vs Industry. He has blocked the natural water flow, which backs up in our back yards quite aways. Stagnant waters stay for weeks on end. Some of the cement is sliding down. They tell us there is nothing we can do, Whats the difference in the ordinance if any.


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Lee County Illinois almost 4 years ago

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