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Looking for an efficient way to do stock and inventory. Does anyone know of a...

Looking for an efficient way to do stock and inventory. Does anyone know of a program to use?


LaSalle County IL almost 5 years ago

Can I overwinter my cucamelon plant?

I planted cucamelon seeds in the spring. The plant has grown nicely but hasn't produced any fruit yet. I have it in a pot. Can I bring it in for the winter?


LaSalle County IL almost 5 years ago

Concern about arial inscecticide application


We moved to a new home that has a large farm field (currently planted in field corn) behind our home. The farmer has had it treated by cropduster beginning at 7:30 am on a Sunday morning and the plane flies over our house when it pulls up. What concerns and precautions should we take? We have two children and a dog that like to play in our back yard. Is there any legal requirement to notify adjacent homeowners in Illinois? Is it unreasonable to ask the farmer to do so? How long after the application is it safe to be outdoors? Our home is part of A PRIVATE Lake community do we need to be concerned with the proximity of the application to the lake?

Thank you


LaSalle County IL about 7 years ago

Tree Identification

Can you please identify this tree for me? I have uploaded 3 photos of my tree. I have tried to compare it with photos of hundreds of trees, but I couldn't even come close to a match. We planted it 20 years ago and has only grown 4 feet! I got it as a 4" tiny twig, enclosed in my sons Mc Donalds "Happy Meal" as a premium, celebrating Arbor Day. It has thorny-like hard stiff needles that are very very sharp!


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LaSalle County IL over 4 years ago

Financial records after death

Both of my parents have been deceased for over a year. There was not much excess at the time; the cash from their savings account was divided between the 5 children. How long do I need to keep bank records and bills receipts?


LaSalle County IL about 2 years ago

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