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measuring frozen blueberries for jam

I read the article about measuring blueberries for jam prior to freezing too late! I froze my blueberries, and now need to measure frozen berries for a jam recipe. Any advice to achieve accurate measurements?

Kendall County Illinois 4 months ago

I recently purchased an indoor miniature rose plant which had 20 or more...

I recently purchased an indoor miniature rose plant which had 20 or more unopened buds. None of the buds opened. Some had brown stems below the bud only to the main stem and fell off easily. Those that looked healthy developed the brown stem beneath the bud as well. The rose bush looks healthy. I purchased and brought it home on a below 0 day but covered it to the car. Two other rose plants were purchased on the same day yet they are blooming and growing normal. Is this plant sick or was it disturbed by the cold? I could not find anything like it on any web pages.


Kendall County Illinois almost 6 years ago

Yellowing of flowering crabapple

Why is our flowering crabapple tree leaves turning yellow and dropping? It is only the middle of June. Can it be saved or does it need to be cut down?


Kendall County Illinois over 7 years ago


Along the back of our property line, in front of the woods, we have many snakeroot plants and want to kill them off before they go to seed. Can you help me, please?


Kendall County Illinois about 2 years ago

Can you tell me what these are. They are growing in my back yard and im sure...

Can you tell me what these are. They are growing in my back yard and im sure if it will hurt my dogs.


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Kendall County Ohio over 6 years ago

Large scary black spider-what is it

What is this? Found alive while cleaning garage after which it met a lot of bug spray and moved to the debris pile shown in this pic.



Kendall County Illinois 2 months ago

mulch for apple trees

Hi, I have planted 500 apple trees (mostly 2nd years) this spring and I am considering applying mulch to the base of the trees to help prevent weeds and keep in moisture. If I do apply mulch, do I need to make sure not to cover the graft union? Should I be mixing anything in with my mulch? Thank you for your assistance.


Kendall County Illinois over 4 years ago

Arborvitae bending under weight of fruit and rain

Hello, I planted about 27 Brandon Arborvitaes approx. 6 years ago - they went in at six feet, they are 10-14 feet now.

Live in Chicago area, while we got some snow this year, I was out there after every storm knocking the snow off and they looked great in spring. We've had a lot of moisture this spring/summer, and the trees have gone through a bit of a "growth spurt". Unfortunately, as they are fruiting heavily and dealing with the storms we've had, many of the branches are now bending outward, almost looks like snow damage, but it's the weight of the fruit and water from rain that seems to be causing this. Aside from that, they are in great shape. Should I attempt to cut out some of the bending leaders? Or, tie the tops together and hope they straighten out after the fruits drop? I used to tie them together before winter with heavy yarn up on the tops to keep snow out, removing the yarn in spring. However, over the last few years, they've gotten so big, I just get out after big snows with a straw broom and knock the snow off and have had no problems.

Any suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


Kendall County Illinois over 7 years ago

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