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How to use horse manure for mulching.

I have a friend that has horses and I want to use some of the manure to mulch my garden before I plant this year. How much should I use and how long before I plant should I do it? I don't want to ruin the soil! I have not decided on the size of my garden as of yet a ratio by square foot as to how much would be most helpful.


Kankakee County Illinois over 6 years ago

Plant name

Plant name?


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Kankakee County Illinois almost 4 years ago

Frost damage

All my oak tree, Red oak, burr oak, pin oak had leaves early spring. Then we were hit with a hard frost the of last April. All the small leaves died and this is late May and they still haven't begun to leaf out again. Will they die?


Kankakee County Illinois about 1 month ago

My Autumn Blaze is turning red in June

I had a 3” autumn blaze put in in early May. And now the leaves have started to turn red. Most of the leaves are full of red mites. The mites had been on the leaves for a few weeks before the color change. We have had an excessive amount of water this year. So much that I had to dig a couple holes to pump the water out around the tree because I thought it was drowning. Would the excessive water cause the problem? A few weeks ago I started using a root stimulator fertilizer. That I use every 10- 24 days. What can I do? Thanks George


Kankakee County Illinois about 1 year ago

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