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Will our nesting mallard duck be afraid of a water fall in our pond?

We saw her checking our yard and pond ; she came back several days to swim in our pond. We hadn't set up the water fall yet due to very bad weather. She showed up with a male one day and we never saw him again. Then Jim was watering and he found the nest with eggs. If we hook up the water fall now will it scare her away for good ? I say yes Jim says no. He says the pond is filthy and it needs to be hooked up to cleaned ( we have fish in the pond ) . I say the ducklings will be sucked into the filter. What should we do?


Kane County IL birds duck wildlife over 3 years ago

Red Haven Peaches SW Michigan

I see this re: 2013--
For 2013, the estimated onset of Redhaven for Berrien County is predicted to be Aug. 2, comparable to the long-term average of Aug. 3 and 10 days behind last year. Over the years, the estimated harvest dates are generally within a few days of the actual observed harvest.

But I don't find anything for 2014.

Whats the expected harvest of Red Havens in Berrien Co. Mich. Thanks.


Kane County IL trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

Mystery plant

This plant grew out of nowhere. It's fast growing and has these long furry stems growing.


Kane County IL over 3 years ago

Verticillium in a Catalpa

Several branches on our Northern Catalpa began showing wilted leaves and now the leaves have fallen off. We think it could be V. Wilt and we were going to have the tree removed. But now I'm noticing new leaf growth in almost every bare branch and am wondering whether we should wait and see if it recovers. Is it possible for it to recover? It's only 5 years old and about 20 feet high.


Kane County IL gardening horticulture over 4 years ago

Clematis moved to too much sun

I finally found a climbing tower I love and unfocused, relocated my clematis to the center of it and left it exposed to too much sun this spring. Two tiny vines tried and then burned out over some weeks while I was completely dense. I've moved it slightly and surrounded with lovely tall plants similar to as it was before. Is there any hope? The roots looked great. Is there a chance it will shoot some vines again this season or are we talking possibly next year? It's typically blooming gloriously in the next month... It took years, I'm so mad at myself what I put it too exposed to sun with the new climbing tower and didn't tuck it into shade protection with surrounding green goodness...


Kane County IL horticulture over 1 year ago

Weed or Plant

We planted tree seeds, but wonder if a weed came up instead. Can you tell us what this is?

Buell Family



Kane County IL plant identification over 3 years ago

What kind of plant is this?

What kind of plant is this?


Kane County IL over 3 years ago

growing chinese lanterns

What would be the problem when growing Chinese Lanterns when they do no ripen or turn orange? They usually just get brown and die off or are thrown by the plant before they can ripen.
Thanks, Joe in Illinios


Kane County IL trees and shrubs horticulture about 5 years ago

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