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propogating holly plant

After many attempts to start a holly plant by cuttings, that until today have died and withered, I have spotted one little leaf appearing on a cutting which is inside the plastic bag. Do I remove the bag or what?


Jo Daviess County IL trees and shrubs holly over 6 years ago

Tiny black flying bugs

Hey, I recently was sitting outside on a warm day and was getting swarmed with gnat which I thought but they weren't. I got ate alive by these tiny bugs. They were same size of a gnat, they were black in color with a white spot on them. They bit and the bite looks like a mosquito bit and resembles one as well. I didnt feel them biting me. I was in upper northern Illinois closer to Wisconsin in farming country. What could these be? I do not have a picture.




Jo Daviess County IL over 2 years ago

I impulse ordered some asparagus roots for fall planting, and they just...

I impulse ordered some asparagus roots for fall planting, and they just arrived. We've had hard frosts, days in the 30's, snow on the ground all week, and now freezing rain. I'm not planting in this weather! Can I wrap the roots in plastic and put them in the freezer to plant in March? Or preserve them some other way?


Jo Daviess County IL fruits and vegetables horticulture about 5 years ago

beetles and roses

Is there any thing that really works against Japanese beetles? We live in the country with lots of soybean fields. They can in swarms last year and nearly wiped out my rose bushes. Help!


Jo Daviess County IL integrated pest management garden pests japanese beetles almost 7 years ago

Identify plant

Thought it was a strawberry plant but don't believe it is. Any assistance?



Jo Daviess County IL horticulture over 3 years ago

Spreader-Stickers used with Pesticides

What is the difference between these two spreader-stickers, Audible 90 and LI 700? When should one be used over the other? Can each be used with the pesticide Bifenthrin when spraying tree trunks/bark?


Jo Daviess County IL over 3 years ago

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