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I have read in several forums that cucumbers and cantaloupe do NOT...

I have read in several forums that cucumbers and cantaloupe do NOT cross-pollinate, nor is it possible, as they are separate species. Science may say no, but I promise you that I raised "cucaloupes"! They were very different when they started growing. I asked my husband several times what he planted in the space below the cucumbers, as it was supposed to be cantaloupe, but reminded me more of watermelon for its size and shape. He assured me it was cantaloupe, and showed me where he did, indeed, plant watermelon, and pumpkins. This "fruit" started out with white fuzz-like hair on it, over the green skin. Shortly, the fuzz disappeared and it began to grow long and oval, like a watermelon. It was dark green and never changed color. Finally, last Tuesday, my daughter and I decided to cut one of the odd fruits open. It was white on the outermost inside edge, then a coral color in the center, like cantaloupe, with coral colored seeds that looked like cucumber seeds. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I didn't. I did not because my aunt told me cucumbers, planted near melon, will cross. I thought she was right and never considered she may be wrong. I don't think she was. It happened.


Jersey County IL over 6 years ago

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