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What breed

Hi I would like to know what breed this horse is


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Jackson County Illinois over 3 years ago

bird mite eradication

My landlords have removed a bird and squirrel nest recently from an exterior hole by a wall mounted a/c unit in my living room. These mites have started to come in from the affected area to find another host and have infested my computer desk that is underneath the a/c. What is recommended to eradicate them from porous and non-porous surfaces? Unfortunately They are also in my PC, I am writing this from my phone. No one seems to know anything about them around here in southern illinois. Please, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Also, it has been over a month since the infestation and they are still all over my computer desk.


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Jackson County Illinois over 4 years ago

Brown Recluse Infestation

I have found 19 Brown Recluse spiders in the apt I just moved into in a span of 11 days including two closets full of dead and alive little baby spiders that I couldn't identify and I'm trying to break out of my lease because my fiancée and I are worried for our health and safety. We have both been bitten inside the apt with unusual side effects never experienced by previous spider bites and don't want to live here while it's being treated since we're getting married in a few months and having children. The chemical treatments may cause problems with a fetus in a pregnant woman. We have talked to a lawyer about what we can do and she said that we are able to leave if it's considered an infestation and dangerous to us, but she said we need a professional to tell us if it's an infestation. These spiders are found everywhere through the apt and even in light while we are cooking or just sitting on the couch or at the table. We also find them in glue traps. Another thing is that our neighbor, whose apt is attached to ours (duplex), has been seeing them for about a year and told us this is the worse it's been. She's been bitten multiple times by them and had to receive an antibiotic treatment for necrosis and was throwing up being sick for two weeks. Do I have a sufficient amount of evidence to consider this an infestation, so that I may break out of my lease?


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Jackson County Illinois over 4 years ago

How much of a border do you need between an organic farm and a neighboring farm?

How much of a buffer do you need between a traditionally farmed field and an organic field? How much of a buffer do you need between a small creek that runs through a traditionally farmed field onto your land and an organic field?

I believe this traditional field uses chemical fertilizers but does not use chemical pesticides. This is in regard to a piece of property that I am interested in purchasing. There is a traditionally farmed field on one side of the land I would like to purchase. There is a small creek crossing at about the top 1/4 of the parcel I would like to purchase.


Jackson County Illinois over 7 years ago

When should I spray the orchard?

When should I spray for pest deterrent? I'm using organic neem, sal suds, and water. We bought a home that has apple and pear trees. They were pruned this month.


Jackson County Oregon almost 3 years ago

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