Henry County, Illinois

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Spring N application in Strip Til

Fabin: I am putting on 30 gallons of 32% in the spring in my strips and then planting behind this application. How long shall I wait before planting? Thanks


Henry County Illinois almost 3 years ago

Crabgrass explosion

My lawn has exploded this late summer with an abundance of crabgrass. Previous years, I have had no trouble with this weed. Was the over abundance of rain early this summer a major issue in this? What can I do this fall and next year to defeat this unsightly weed?


Henry County Illinois about 5 years ago

Dark Green Glass type rock

I found this farming turning a cornfield several years ago. Any idea what it could be? It’s not near any bed of water or volcanos. It caught my eye shining out of the ground.


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Henry County Illinois about 3 years ago

What is this Insect?

My friend lives just east of Moline, IL. Illinois has no outreach, so I am asking you.

She found this in her back yard. It was/is still alive. can you help?



Henry County Illinois over 2 years ago

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