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Redirect outgoing email

Ok here's my problem. I am getting divorced my wife is threating to send very embarrassing things to my boss and company. I want to redirect all email coming from my home computer being sent to email address at my company. without her knowing. This may not be ethical but neither is getting someone fired.


Tuscaloosa County AL about 5 years ago

What is wrong with my lawn?

Last year in the spring we had grubs. We treat the lawn and it came back. This is we have no idea what is happening to it. The ground feels like it has been sifted or your walking on a sponge, and the grass can be rolled up like carped. It is dead or starting to die all over. We have treated the grass again but to no avail. Please, help us our yard will be one muddy place this winter!!!


Tuscaloosa County AL almost 5 years ago

Plant I can't kill.

I have this plant growing in my yard I Alabama. This is a small version. The tallest is about 3 feed. There a stalk in the middle that has seeds that flower from the middle of the plant.


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Tuscaloosa County AL almost 5 years ago

Intensive growth forage patch

We live in a part of west Alabama where drought for months is followed by torrential rains. It makes pasture maintenance difficult. After researching hydroponic forage systems we have chosen to fence off a 20x8 ft area to plant and treat in a manner similar to a hydroponic system. The main difference is that the grass is planted in soil in a patch small enough to re seed and water in drought. We want to provide spaces where horses can graze through the fence without trampling and killing the forage. We need suggestions as to how far apart to put fence posts and fencing boards.


Tuscaloosa County AL over 3 years ago

on-line degrees?

I went to the College of Eastern Utah and then transferred to the Univ. of Alabama. I did not finish there.

Does USU Eastern have an on-line degree program?


Tuscaloosa County AL almost 6 years ago

can you plant the seeds and how ?

can you plant the seeds and how ?


Tuscaloosa County AL almost 6 years ago

Poison ivy?

Are any of these plants poisonous? The first one looks like poison ivy but I’m not sure. The second one is a vine and it looks questionable. Than you!


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Tuscaloosa County AL about 2 years ago

White, long insect nest


I just found two nests outside my door from a weeks long travel. They are quite long. Could you identify what kind of insect nest those are, what would be the best way to remove them?



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Tuscaloosa County AL about 4 years ago

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