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Pelletized vs Calcium Carbonate.

#1.)Will the 10% Magnesium content in Pelletized Lime adversely affect the yard when the soil test shows above optimum levels of Magnesium already?...#2.)Also My test showed 46lb./1000 sq.ft. for lime recomendation for Mineral Soil; is that actual 46# bag for a 1000 sq.ft. area or do I need to apply extra pounds of pelletized because the CCE is rated approx 70-95? Calcium Carbonate is available and based on my recommendation of 46lb/1000 sq.ft.,it would actually be applied @ 46lbs. Am I thinking correctly on this,that the recommendation is based on pure Calcium carbonate? #3.) What is the maximum recommended lbs of pelletized product per application?


Gallatin County Illinois about 7 years ago

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