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When broccoli starts forming on the stalk should I trim the bottom leaves?


Franklin County Illinois over 5 years ago

One on One Aide

If a child is determined to need the support of a one on one aide in the classroom, will an aide also be provided in a child care center? Who's responsibility is it to provide the aide during the summer when the child is enrolled at the child care center?


Franklin County Illinois over 2 years ago

What type of plant is this

how do I kill it



Franklin County Illinois over 5 years ago

where did they go

planted my potatoes during the process all look perfect even dug up a few Adam they were great recently I went to dig up the rest of the potatoes there were no signs of potatoes watch lever all gone everyone every sign of potatoes where gone did they go


Franklin County Illinois about 4 years ago

cantaloupe rot

My cantaloupe looks perfect from the outside but when you cut it open it looks over ripe , soft and mushy and un-edible. So we picked some early and it was the same way. Last year our cantaloupe was perfect. The only thing we did differently was spreading straw down over the ground before the plants started speading to prevent weeds n cushion fruit. What do you think is causing this?


Franklin County Illinois over 6 years ago

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