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Plant Identification

I have two plant species in an area that I overseeded this year with red clover and orchard grass for hay harvest. I just want to make a positive identification to decide whether I need to take any action for toxicity. They will be cut and baled with hay if I don't take action. The first might have started on its own or been in a forb seed mixture I planted a few years ago. The leaves are covered with very fine hairs, and the plants form small colonies. My best guess was a comfrey or lamb's ears (Stachys olympica). The second is, I believe, giant goldenrod, but I've found references online that say it is toxic to cattle and some that say it has no toxicity. Most are 6 to12 feet high at this point. Thank you in advance for your help!


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De Witt County Illinois almost 8 years ago

flower jelly

I have heard that the basic National Center for Home Food Preservation recipe for dandelion jelly can also be made and safely water-bath-processed using other edible flowers. Is this true, and is there a link I can show others confirming this?


De Witt County Illinois almost 6 years ago

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