DeKalb County, Illinois

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White drain from evergreen tree

I have a white drainage from my 30 ft evergreen tree. Can you tell me what it is and how to treat it?



DeKalb County Illinois 6 months ago

Post Colic surgery care

What is a typical post colic surgery feeding protocol for a horse with small intestine displacement without resection?


DeKalb County Illinois about 7 years ago

Lilac bacterial blight

Hello: I have 16 lilac bushes all with some amount of lbb. I have lost one entire bush, 1/3 and 1/4 of another. Can I currently spray a copper fungicide on the ones that continue to get a disease on it? If I wait until the fall after the leaves are gone, I am afraid I won't have any lilac plants left. Also, how far down on the main stem should I cut the branch back to. I know 6 to 12 inches per branch but what about the main branch? Thank you, Dawn


DeKalb County Illinois over 4 years ago

What plant is this?

What kind of plant is this? It is some kind of wildflower found on Northern Illinois!


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DeKalb County Illinois about 5 years ago

Austrian Pine dying

i think our Austrian pine has black needle scale. I would like to save the tree. What should I do?


DeKalb County Illinois over 5 years ago


Just bought this house and I'm not sure what this is. It's planted in part shade and just started to imerge this July.


DeKalb County Illinois over 4 years ago

Male and female mallard ducks

We have a male and female Mallard duck that visit our pool every April. Our Labradore is infatuated with them, but doesn't bother them at all, and they ignore him. This year however, the female spends most of the day here alone. The male joins her later in day and only for a short time. Last year they spent most of the day together. Can you shed any light on this. Thank you.


DeKalb County Illinois over 1 year ago

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