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Crimson clover

I bought some crimson clove seed and the plants that came up yellow blooms. I am enclosing a picture can you tell mewhat I have?



Talladega County Alabama over 6 years ago

What kind of rock

Im wondering what kind of rock or what is it


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Talladega County Alabama almost 3 years ago

Help!! Kudzu Bugs

Last fall, our back porch was swarmed by the 'ladybug' looking bugs (Kudzu bugs, I think is what they are called). I understand they normally stay in the kudzu, which is plentiful by us, and as it died back last fall, they came to the porch and light painted areas of the house. I haven't noticed them much lately except under leaves, here and there, etc. UNTIL YESTERDAY. I have one 'wisteria' tree that is white and normally blooms beautifully. I noticed it seemed rather shriveled, so I went to look more carefully. The branches and much of the trunk is COVERED in these bugs. When I was researching last fall, it seemed there was nothing to kill these things. Do you know of anything? There are so many on this tree, it would be great to get them now. If the branch is disturbed, they fly away so it would need to be something to 'zap' them quick! Any ideas?


Talladega County Alabama about 7 years ago

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