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Just curious

When I was young A friend had a very large white and red striped moth land on her. It was very vibrant in color. I have tried to find out what kind it was but can’t find it. This siting accrued in Mattoon Illinois


Coles County Illinois over 1 year ago

Safety concerns regarding raised concrete or cinderblock flowerbeds for use in fruit or vegetable gr

Do you have an updated answer for the latest safety or concern regarding vegetable and fruit raised bed Garden‘s utilizing concrete blocks or cinderblocks for construction.


Coles County Illinois 11 months ago

What is this house plant?

I bought this plant at the Sam's Club in Champaign, IL with no name tag. It has done well outside in summer. What is its name?



Coles County Illinois over 4 years ago

Unusual plant

Can anyone identify this plant or maybe tree?



Coles County Illinois over 4 years ago

Norway spruce turning brown

I planted a beautiful Norway spruce about 5' tall - it has done very well - watered it a lot during it's first year. You can see a brown tint o the tree - more brown on west side than the other sides. Does it need water? I can get the hose out and give it lots of water if you think that will help. Don't want to lose this tree - it is in middle of circle drive in front of the church.


Coles County Illinois about 1 year ago

Help Identifying Unknown Organism

I am an intern at a local botanical garden, and we are having trouble identifying this tree. No one had ever noticed it before. It is isolated to one part of the garden, but it appears to be very aggressive. We've asked numerous professors and master gardners, but no one seems to know what it is.


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Coles County Illinois over 4 years ago

how deep to plant a tree

We purchased a tree and the nursery planted it wth the top of the root ball 7 inches above grade. I am concerned that we need to either replant it deeper or add a raised bed around the tree.


Coles County Illinois over 4 years ago

Seasonal allergies in dogs

I know you've probably been asked this a thousand times, but my dog is so itchy right now. We live in the Midwest and he starts itching in June until a couple good frosts. I can't find any real information about lawn rust and allergies in dogs. I live in an apartment complex that has lawn rust and I suspect it may be the culprit of his problems. He has no visible skin problems except maybe a little bit more pink than usual, but he is very, very itchy. Is an allergy to lawn rust common and what does it take to treat my dog if it is the cause of his itchiness? I've tried cytapoint injections, apoquel, benedryl, Claritin, prescription anti-fungal shampoo and nothing seems to really work. Is there a different reaction between pollen, mold and rust allergies? Are most of these allergens contracted by contact or inhalation? I'm not sure since he has no outward signs for me to know how he's being exposed, except he started by licking his paws. So many people have pets with the same problems and also no relief. It's an expensive and heart breaking thing to go through. Does apple cider and water sprayed on the dog really help? We are real people needing real help without someone's pockets being a major influence in the answer. Please share any information you may have, no matter how far fetched it may be. We are desperate, disappointed and broke! Thanks in advance for your help!!!!


Coles County Illinois 4 months ago

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