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Window boxes

I have volunteered to plant a window box for one of our residents at the nursing home. I want mine to be the best!!!! The box is on the west side of the building. What flowers would be the best for that location?


Carroll County IL container gardening over 3 years ago

Redmond Linden tree has Mold

Our Redmond Linden tree had mold. I planted it in 1972 I can stick a hunting knife in about 5 inches on the South Side so it is rotting inside. The leaves are not compromised yet. Can I save this tree and what should I be doing. Pictures attached


Mold_on_redmond_linden_tree_(1)_300x300%2523 Mold_on_redmond_linden_tree_(2)_300x300%2523 Redmond_linden_tree_ken_groezinger_6-3-16_(1)_300x300%2523

Carroll County IL trees and shrubs linden tree horticulture tree mold over 3 years ago

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