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Window boxes

I have volunteered to plant a window box for one of our residents at the nursing home. I want mine to be the best!!!! The box is on the west side of the building. What flowers would be the best for that location?


Carroll County Illinois over 4 years ago

Redmond Linden tree has Mold

Our Redmond Linden tree had mold. I planted it in 1972 I can stick a hunting knife in about 5 inches on the South Side so it is rotting inside. The leaves are not compromised yet. Can I save this tree and what should I be doing. Pictures attached


Mold_on_redmond_linden_tree_(1)_300x300%2523 Mold_on_redmond_linden_tree_(2)_300x300%2523 Redmond_linden_tree_ken_groezinger_6-3-16_(1)_300x300%2523

Carroll County Illinois over 4 years ago

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