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Rebuild Yard/Regain Drainage/Grading

Dear Experts, I recently bought a foreclosure and have a huge muddy pit of a yard without proper drainage or grading. As a result, water is pooling. There are weeds, patches of dead grass and shrubs. The ground has sunk in to where the bottom half of my leg could easily disappear in some areas, or it may be left over holes from where contractors just pulled out massive weeds, but did not do anything to stabilize the soil. Needless to say, the yard never received any proper care in the past. I plan on keeping existing trees, shrubs along the fence, mostly use rock, mulch, raised flower beds, and plant native plants. Basically want to xeriscape. No grass! Should I install french drains, dig up the soil so it can dry? It is like a wet sponge. Do I have to amend the soil if I cover the majority with rocks and mulch? And with what? Will fill dirt suffice? North and South sides are almost solid clay, the rest looks like a landslide took place; river rocks, pebbles, decayed mulch, regular dirt, some clay, dead plant debris, edging is partially visible or completely burried. Attached pictures are from last year. Since then it has gotten worse due to all the snow. It is so sad, and I need fix it. What is the best way to even out the yard, create proper grading and drainage? I have no idea where to even start...Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch! Bea


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Adams County Colorado over 6 years ago


I am having trouble getting cilantro seeds to germinate outside during July and August and also inside during those months. Right now I have some seeds in a plastic bag with moist potting soil and they haven’t germinated after 3 weeks. Any tips?


Adams County Illinois over 2 years ago

Crepe Myrtle Suckers

We planted a young crepe myrtle last year. The tree itself died, but right in the center of where the tree was are large suckers, now over 12 inches tall. Is it possible this growth will turn into a new tree?



Adams County Illinois over 3 years ago

I have a strawberry plant it's been extremely healthy through out the entire...

I have a strawberry plant it's been extremely healthy through out the entire process, nice white petals. Then I noticed that the white petals (not the actual leaves) were turning brown. Is this the natural part of the life cycle of these flowers or is there something wrong?


Adams County Illinois over 6 years ago

Dairy allergy, ok to eat df yogurt?

With a milk allergy, yougert probiotics, even d.f. ones cause symptoms. Are there other options that provide good gut bacteria?


Adams County Illinois 11 months ago

zuchini bread reciepes

do you have any good zucchini bread recipes


Adams County Illinois over 6 years ago

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