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Apple and Pear Tree...death by fungus?

Requested by extension director to try out "Ask an Expert" and see how it works.- I'm a new educator with limited horticultural experience so thought I would use this opportunity to request assistance on identifying the cause of death for the apple and pear trees shown in the pictures.
Apple and pear tree were approximately 500' apart on two separate properties. Other fruit trees in home orchard were not affected. No lesions seen on trunk or branches. No fruit set. Home owner says they appeared healthy and produced last year. Very dry spring followed by heavy rains. Would like an identification of what killed the tree.
Homeowner would also like advice on tree removal, how to avoid this in the future and suggested varieties of pear and apple that may be resistant to whatever this is.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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Washington County ID almost 7 years ago

My garden has something terribly wrong

This is the 2nd year I have had issues with my garden. Everything is fine until the new shoots come out and they simply curl up and will not grow. There are no bugs eating anything, but lots of holes in my ground. Husband brought new dirt in last year but not convinced that dirt is the problem. Nothing will grow but my asparagus. All cukes, melons tomatos and peppers are affected in the same manner.


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Washington County ID almost 2 years ago

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